Raw Bounty Bars


Serves 15-16

200 gram Vegan Chocolate (I used vegan chocolate of Vivani 92%)
1 Can Coconut Cream (chilled in the fridge overnight and use only the cream)
1 2/3 Cup coconut shreds
4 Tbps Ahorn Syrup

Parchment paper (I use unbleached)

How to:
1. Add al the ingredients in a medium bowl and kneed it for a 30 seconds.
2. Shape into rectangles and place on a rack with parchment paper.
3. Place the tray for one hour in the freezer.
4. Melt the chocolate au bain marie.
5. Use 2 forks to coat the bounty bars into the chocolate, and top it with a pinch of coconut shreds. Place on the rack and freeze for another 10 minutes.

Bon appétit!